Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New Tech Kids Care

Kids, Kids, Kids….

New Tech students are different.  I don’t believe that anyone who has ever walked into one of our schools would disagree.

Today, I had the opportunity to witness first hand just how much our students appreciate us.  Our Physics students have been working on an Angry Birds project that involved eggs.  Today was the culminating event and the students were to launch their eggs.  Unfortunately, one of them ended up on my vehicle in what had to be deliberate mischievous behavior.  We left it up to the students to solve the problem.  In the end, no one single student admitted to the behavior but over half of the class came to my office to apologize for the behavior and washed my vehicle.

It was amazing to see 20+ students each walk into my office and apologize with sincerity.  I have worked in traditional schools and the relationship between students and staff is not this strong.  The time we invest in these kids and the care and respect we show them, even in frustrating situations, has a lasting impact on their lives. 

In what has been a frustrating week, I am grateful to head to break with the knowledge that our students care.  They care about learning, about each other and they care about their teachers.  They also care about their school.